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Geometric Anatomy Study - Fanzine

Black Ink Illustration

The language of flowers has been recognized for centuries in many countries throughout around the world and they play a meaningful role in mythologies, folklore, sonnets, tales and plays of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese and Indigenous people. Flowers are associated with youth, beauty, and pleasure, but as they wilt and die, flowers represent fragility and the swift passage from life into death; they are a timeless reflection of human nature and they become an emblem of both life and death. Flowers are a metaphor, and they’ve been permeating the space and time in human history. This Fanzine contains a dual-language of bones and organs and their flowers and symbolism, both elements are life and without them we couldn’t survive.



Colored Pencil Drawing

Jaguar Logo - Illustration


Digital Illustration

Abstract Geometric Illustration

Black Ink Pen

Character Design

Digital Illustration

Image by Andy Holmes

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