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As for many women we play multiple roles, when my motherhood journey began 7 years ago I found it all to overwhelming that it caused me to have a mild breakdown as I don’t have my own family here. Working, doing daycare drop offs, pick ups, household work, extra curriculars, wife, daughter, it all got too much. Throughout this craziness, of course (again as women) we tend to put needs last I don’t think this is done intentionally, it is just part of our being . Everyone else is first and us last.


My own health started to be affected negatively, I was diagnosed pre diabetic, thinking back now I also believed I went through post partum depression. But, just continued on with everyday life, work, motherhood and so fourth as we do. I eventually broke down. I needed alone time. I needed to breathe just a little, a needed mommy time.... I wanted it, but REALIZED MORE IMPORTANTLY I  NEEDED IT.  We need it!


Now, my goal is to inspire ALL WOMEN about self care and that it is NECESSARY, also it is about GIVING THE BEST OF YOU, instead of what’s left of you.


I am also about embracing self love. Being kind to our mind and body goes hand in hand. Also, shifting the narrative on what fitness means to each of us. Not necessarily putting emphasizes on body image but about how dancing, exercising, walking and so fourth makes us FEEL.

Uriah McIntosh

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