Hello! I'm Tracey. I primarily run, and occasionally swim and kayak when the weather co-operates. I started running in the swimming off-season to try and stay healthy throughout the year and ended up loving it so much that I switched my focus. While I have always been active, joining the We Run North York group really helped my running and finding so many like minded, driven people was truly motivating to continuing to make progress. 


Since then, the people I've met along the way have encouraged me to complete numerous half marathons, two 30 km races, a full marathon, and the Disney Dopey Challenge (which I'm grateful we were able to attend in person before everything was locked down in 2020). Running has truly saved me during this down time. Initially I was hesitant to run very much since the future was uncertain and any pre-existing injuries would not be able to receive care. However, I found that without this outlet I would go stir crazy and be moody and depressed; and having a support group of strong people who also enjoyed physical activity was a motivator to get up and move.


Hope to see some of you out this summer !

Tracey McKenna

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