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Winter practices to enjoy the season

Winter hot cooca
Pic by Katie Azi

Winter is coming and some of us suffer from what it's called - winter blues- or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) when we feel more lethargic and down overall, and this could be worst due to the current pandemic; but there are so many good things that come with the winter season like ice skating and hot cocoa.

Winter is the time to rest and reconnect with our inner self, to reflect on what we learned and experienced during the year and to manifest what we want to achieve in the coming year.

Despite the dark days and the snow, cold weather has some health benefits like improving allergies, reducing inflammation, preventing infections and helping us to sleep better.

Here are some practices to enjoy the winter season in a sustainable and healthy way

Honour and acknowledge the endings & new beginnings

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on the experiences that we lived, to acknowledge our success, to think about what we learned and analyze what would we do different next time. Remember to practice self-compassion and trust your inner wisdom, life is a constant learning experience.

It's also the time to plan and set intentions for the next year, the best way to do this is to spend some time with yourself in a cozy space and journal about it.

Stay active

During the winter season, we tend to stay at home and in general we don't want to be as active as we are in other seasons, however, staying active will keep us healthy, we'll improve our mood, reduce stress and helps us with anxiety.

Doing exercise during winter is not necessary going outdoors (even though I highly recommend going for a walk when is snowing just to enjoy and appreciate its nature), keep in mind that there are so many activities that can be done indoors, like yoga, dancing, pilates, and in some cases, you could go to an indoor swimming pool or play squash. Explore what is available to you and try what is best for you.

Pic by Anda Ambrosini

Enjoy the seasonal foods

Citrus fruits are at their prime during the winter season, take advantage of this and use them to make juice, smoothies or season your dishes, also, cold weather is ideal to prepare hot soups and drink a warm cup of coffee, tea or even better - hot cocoa!

Check what kind of fruits and vegetables are available in your city and try something different.

Many cultures have special holidays during winter and part of the celebrations is to prepare and eat particular dishes, don't be so hard on yourself and allow you to enjoy a few extra calories.

Connect with your family and friends

Usually, during the colder months, we prefer to stay at home and relax, but we all need human connection, don't forget to check in with your family and friends; take this time of the year to reflect on your inner circle connection and be grateful for your relationships, make sure to express what they mean to you.

Manifest and create

Take some time to manifest what you want for the following year and express it creatively, which could be writing it in a journal, or making a vision board, maybe dancing a choreography or just meditating about it. Remember that part of the manifestation process is to create a plan towards our goals, don't limit yourself and be free to manifest everything you want.

Practice Hygge

Hygge is a Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfortable friendliness with feelings of wellness and contentment, so, in other words, to practice hygge means to acknowledge or be mindful of the present moment, pure pleasure and contentment without any worry and this could be done at any time, everywhere and alone or with company.

Practicing hygge could be part of a mindfulness practice, where we pay attention, on purpose, to all elements of our experience with an attitude of open acceptance, non-judgmental and compassion.

Be mindful with the holiday shopping

Winter is a holiday season and many of us enjoy shopping. I invite you to shop more mindfully and sustainably, choose gifts from brands that are sustainable and eco-conscious, shop from local businesses and new entrepreneurs, define your gift list, once you have it, ask yourself What is something this person would appreciate having? You will discover that maybe you don't have to spend a lot of money buying a gift, think about maybe baking something, or a handmade present, or giving time, time is underrated nowadays and we should spend more quality time doing what we like with people that we love.


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