• The Fit Girl MVMT

Today, I'm grateful

Updated: May 12, 2021

Ontario is again in lock down and that could be stressful, one way to cope with this and have a beneficial impact on our mental health is to be grateful. Grateful people tend to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled. This action is simple but incredibly powerful. It's about taking the time to notice the good things in our lives and get the more from these.

How to do it?

I invite you to start thinking every night about three good things that happened that day or three things for which you are grateful (things that went well, that you enjoyed or were grateful for), and write them down in a journal. These can be small or of bigger importance for you. For each thing you're grateful for, include how they made you feel at the time and how they made you feel later.

Try to keep it up for a couple of weeks at least and you'll notice the difference. After two weeks, have a look back on what you've written and reflect on that. Try keeping it up for another couple of weeks and probably will become a bedtime habit.

If you find yourself focusing on negative feelings, try to refocus your mind on the good events and the positive feelings that came with it. This could be overwhelming but gets easier with practice and can make a real difference in how you feel.

Pic by: Gabrielle Henderson