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Yoliztli Mezcal - Case Study


Yoliztli Mezcal. A newly established mezcal brand based in Oaxaca, Mexico.


To create a branding that captures the essence and heritage of the distilled spirit mezcal, while also appealing to a modern, sophisticated audience.

The project started with the brand name Atzin which means water in Náhuatl, a language spoken by the ancient Aztecs in Mexico. Several design concepts were developed that incorporated traditional mezcal imagery such as agave plants, and traditional Oaxacan patterns. These designs were given a modern twist to appeal to contemporary audiences.

Later in the process, the brand name changed to Yoliztli which means life in Náhuatl, to make a stronger connection between the traditional roots of mezcal in Mexico and the pleasure of making memorable moments with family and friends.

Yoliztli Mezcal Branding Moodboard






Yoliztli Mezcal - First Logo Draft
Yoliztli Mezcal - New Logo with new brand name
Yoliztli Mezcal Logo - Colour Variations

Final Design

During the design process, we evolved from a logo that showcased a front view of the agave plant to a top view of the plant. This created a bold and stylized mandala icon in a variety of green and blue shades.

The final logo also features a light and modern sans serif font for the word Yoliztli. This font is combined with a sophisticated and traditional hand-written font for the word Mezcal.

Yoliztli Mezcal Logo - Final Design and Mezcal Bottle Design
Image by Andy Holmes

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